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Trials and Appeals

The attorneys at Merkle & Magri P.A. have extensive experience in both federal and state trial courts in civil and criminal matter, ranging from complex, civil multi-district litigation to sophisticate criminal matters.  Our attorneys have also handled appeals to numerous federal and state appellate courts as well as to the United States Supreme Court and the Florida Supreme Court.  Further, they have litigated matters before various agencies including the Drug Enforcement Administration; the Environmental Appeals Board; the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; the Merit System Protection Board; the Board of Disciplinary Appeals; and the Employees Compensation Appeals Board.


Employee Rights

We represent clients in a variety of matters involving employee rights, particularly government employees, including, for example, claims involving racial, gender, ethnic, religious, age and disability discrimination and retaliation; whistle blowing; equal pay issues; Privacy Act claims; and federal employee grievances, arbitration and agency appeals.


Government Misconduct

Our firm represents clients with claims against federal and state agencies involving government or state misconduct.  This involves such matters as whistle blowing; claims against federal agencies for discrimination and retaliation; negligence claims against the government under the Federal Tort Claims Act; negligence claims against the state; Privacy Act claims; and claims for police misconduct such as false arrest, false imprisonment and excessive use of force.


Personal, Property and Professional Injury

Our firm has served clients in a broad range of personal injury and property injury cases including those involving mold or toxic substances, product liability, wrongful death, qui tam claims; malicious prosecution, defamation, vehicle accidents, fraud theft, conversion, negligence and breach of fiduciary duty.  We also represent clients harmed by professionals in medical malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty cases.


Civil Rights

Our attorneys have handled a variety of civil rights claims including claims of discrimination, due process violations, improper taking, and police or other official misconduct.


Mobile Home Rights

Clients with claims in mobile home law often face eviction, development or conversion, or rent increases.  Our attorneys have represented mobile home owners concerning these issues as well as in general association matters.


Insurance Coverage

We represent clients facing insurance coverage issues, including issues relating to personal injury, bad faith, fraud, coverage questions, home insurance, business insurance and personal or life insurance.


Business Litigation

Our firm has represented clients in many different types of business litigation, including claims based on fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, tortuous interference, property rights, trade secrets, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, breach of contract and claims involving the Uniform Commercial Code.


Criminal Defense

Our attorneys also have a selective criminal defense practice, focusing on federal criminal cases involving white collar fraud, Medicare and healthcare fraud, and false claims.